Helvia.ai Release 5.39.0

13 September 2023

1. Console Updates

1.1 Helvia.ai rebranding

At helvia.ai we believe that Artificial Intelligence holds the key to unlocking the modern world of information that surrounds us. Our vision of making AI accessible to companies worldwide inspired us to reimagine our brand. The vision, the ideas and the technology that inspired us are visually reflected in our new brand identity. Looking into a fresh new look, we focused on creating a new logo that encompasses helvia.ai at its core. In addition to our new website, you will notice the new logo within the helvia.ai console and in the system emails. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

1.2 Cloning webchat deployments to other bots of the same organization

Console organization admins will be able to clone webchat deployments from a specific bot to another bot of the same organization. When cloning a webchat deployment, all the settings will be copied to the target destination bot. This enhancement will simplify the process for administrators wishing to create deployments for other bots with identical settings, eliminating the need to configure everything from scratch.

To clone an existing webchat deployment to another bot of the same organization, follow the below steps:

Go to the deployment you wish to clone and select the 'Clone Deployment' button.

Edit the name of the new deployment and select from the drop down list the target bot, where you want the new deployment to be created.

Note that deployment cloning applies only for webchat deployments, for bots within the same organization.

1.3 Webchat deployment when cloning or creating a new bot using templates

When creating a new bot using templates, or cloning an existing bot that has webchat deployments, the webchat deployments will be copied to the new bot.

1.4 Instagram deployments through the helvia.ai console

A new 'Instagram' option has been added to the available deployment channels through the console.

To create a deployment for Instagram, go the bot's Deployments page and select the Instagram option.

In the Instagram Deployment page, configure the required settings and click 'Create Deployment'.

For full details, please get in touch with support@helvia.ai.

1.5 Detailed audit logs and audit log categories

The audit logs have been enriched to include more detailed information on the specific changes that have been made. They now also include a 'Category' field, allowing console users to filter specific log categories for more efficient management.

In addition, new audit log categories are now available, including Bot Settings, Bot Deployments, Organization Settings and LiveChat settings.

1.6 Bot and user avatar available in the console's Media

When configuring webchat deployment settings, admins, will be able to use the console's media manager for the Chatbot or User Avatar. There will be an option to upload the avatar or user the image URL.

2. LiveChat Updates

2.1 LiveChat conversations redesign

The LiveChat app features an updated user interface for more efficient conversation management.

The main conversations page is now titled 'LiveChat Inbox' and includes 3 main tabs:

  • New: Includes all pending live-chat requests

  • Open: Includes the active live-chat conversations

  • Closed: Includes the finished live-chat conversations

In each tab there is the option for the agent to view all conversations or only the ones they are managing.

The options 'Requests History' (listing pending, accepted and missed conversations) and “My Settings' are available on the top right.

2.2 Option to share LiveChat conversations

LiveChat agents will be able to copy LiveChat conversation links to share with other team members. To copy a conversation link, click on the three dots next to the conversation and select 'Copy Link'.

2.3 LiveChat spell checker

LiveChat agents will be able to enable spell checker in LiveChat through the settings.

To enable the spell checker, go to the LiveChat app and click 'My Settings'.

Turn on the Spell Check Settings and select the language you want it to apply to from the drop down menu.

2.4 Option to flag/unflag a LiveChat conversation as important

LiveChat agents will be able to either flag or unflag a conversation they participate in as important. This flag is viewable by the agent who sets it and it’s not a property that belongs to the conversation for other users to see.

To flag a conversation as important, click on the 3 dots next to the conversation and select 'Mark as Important'.

This will add a red flag next to the conversation.

2.5 Exporting LiveChat conversations as PDF

LiveChat conversations are now exportable both as CSV and PDF. To export a conversation as PDF, click on the conversation's 'Export Transcript' button from the right hand-side menu.

Click the 'Download transcript' button and select 'PDF' from the options.

2.6 Option to search in conversations by different variables

LiveChat agents will be able to search conversations by the following variables:

  • Session id

  • LiveChat conversation Id

  • Agent Name/email (optional)

  • User Name/email

  • Text in conversation

LiveChat agents will be able to perform search in the canned responses. To search for a canned response when managing a conversation, click on the 'Canned Responses' button and then select the 'Search' icon.

Type the term you're looking for and select from the available responses.

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