Helvia.ai Release 5.59.0

11 July 2024

1. Enhanced Facebook bot deployment settings with Messenger Profile Properties

With this new feature, as a bot admin, you can create or edit a Facebook bot deployment, and then quickly configure advanced deployment settings for Messenger Profile Properties. In the enhanced deployment settings, you can now find options to set the Get started button, configure which activity ID to trigger, and the Persistent menu supporting postbacks and link buttons.

2. Improved console navigation - Open records on row click

With this new feature, console admins can simply click on any table row to open the record, without having to go through the extra step of clicking on the edit/expand button. This improvement applies to all tables within the console.


  1. Analytics / Scheduled Reports

  2. Integrations

  3. KBs

  4. Users / Users

  5. Users / User Groups


  1. Behavior / Flows

  2. Behavior / Automated Answers

  3. Bot AI / NLP Systems

  4. Bot AI / NLP Flows

  5. Bot AI / Test NLP Systems (more useful to open Run or Edit test??)

  6. Bot Deployments

  7. Records / Chat Sessions

  8. Broadcasts / Broadcasts

  9. Broadcasts / Audiences

This streamlined navigation reduces the number of clicks required to access a record, making the user's workflow smoother and more efficient.

3. Optional description field for 'Variable' nodes

Bot authors can now define an optional "Description" field while adding a variable node. This feature is designed to assist the bot author while using the variable in a message node and helps understand the purpose/usage of the variable easily. It also helps users when searching for specific variables.

With this new update, bot authors will have a clearer understanding of the variables used in their bots. By adding a short description of the variables, they can easily identify their usage and streamline the bot development process.

4. Display languages alphabetically for easier navigation

The list of available languages will now be displayed in alphabetical order, making it easier for users to navigate and find the language they need. With this improvement, all language dropdowns within the console will display the languages in an easy-to-understand alphabetical order.

5. Resizable side modals for improved form viewing

We have added a new feature which allows you to resize the side modals. With this new enhancement, you can now increase the width of the side modal for a more convenient UX.

6. Analytics performance optimization

With our latest update, we have optimized our analytics for faster performance.

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