Helvia.ai Release 5.55.0

16 May 2024

1. Improved LiveChat settings UX

The LiveChat settings have been moved to the bot plugin settings, eliminating the need for a separate LiveChat bot settings tab. Bot editors can now view and edit the LiveChat system messages and settings directly from the plugin settings. With these changes, you can seamlessly manage Live Chat integrations and improve your bot's performance.

To access the bot's LiveChat settings go to the Bot Plugins tab of the bot's settings. From the plugins, select LiveChat and click on 'Settings' on the Helvia LiveChat plugin.

In the pop up window you can edit the LiveChat settings, as well as the LiveChat system messages.

2. Improved variable suggestions in Flows and Automated Answers

Bot editors can now easily access and use system and LiveChat variables in the bot flows and Automated Answers. The improved variable suggestions feature allows editors to see suggestions when adding variables, including TodayDayOfTheWeek, Today, Now, deploymentId, sessionId, missedQuestionsCount, consecutiveMissedQuestionsCount, and userTextMessage. In addition, editors can conveniently select LiveChat variables in LiveChat flows and system messages. This saves you time and makes it easier to create custom messages and responses for your bots.

3. Disabling card buttons after clicking

We have updated our platform to disable card buttons after they have been clicked. This new feature will help improve the overall user experience and make interactions with the chatbots smoother.

4. Chinese language option added

We have added the option to enable the Chinese language in the bot language selection. This means that your bot can now communicate with your Chinese-speaking users in their native language. To enable this feature, simply select Chinese as the language option in the bot admin panel.

5. Streamlined Analytics interface

We have removed the back button graph from the analytics interface to provide a cleaner and more intuitive user experience. This will make it easier for you to understand and analyze chatbot performance without any distraction.

6. Translation support with import/export of Flows

We are excited to announce the release of our latest feature which supports translations with import and export of flows in .pot and .po format respectively. With this new feature, users can easily translate content in a format that works for them, while offline.

To use this tool to translate existing flows, go to the bot's 'Flows' tab, select the flows you would like to translate and click the 'Import/Export Translations' button.

Select the 'Export Template' button and then add the .pot file to your translation software. Once the files are translated, you can import the .po file to the bot by clicking the 'Import Translations' button. Note that you can upload multiple .po files, one for each language or a .zip file with all the .po files for the bot's languages.

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