Helvia.ai Release 5.47.0

17 January 2024

1. New sorting and exporting functionalities added to Analytics tables

1.1 Analytics tables sorting functionality

We have added a new feature to our Analytics tables that allows users to sort by any column in ascending or descending order. This feature makes it easier for analytics viewers to locate specific data and gain insights from large datasets. The tables that have been updated with this new functionality include Automated Answers usage and missed questions, Decision Trees usage, and User Feedback scores for AA, activities feedback, per response, and live chat agent feedback.

1.2 Analytics table exporting functionality

With the new feature update, analytics viewers can also export tables in CSV format directly from the Analytics page. A download button is available at the top right corner of the following tables: AA Usage, AA Missed Questions, User Feedback - AA Feedback Score, User Feedback - Activities Feedback Score, User Feedback - Per Response, User Feedback - Negative, User Feedback - Positive, and User Feedback - LiveChat Agents Feedback Score. This makes it easier to analyze data and share insights with others.

2. Enhanced Flow Control node variable naming

Bot admins now have the ability to set any variable name in the Flow Control node, including variables that are set outside the ChatBricks console. This feature allows for greater flexibility and customization in the flow control process, enabling authors to create more complex and dynamic chatbot experiences. With this enhancement, authors can now easily manage and use variables set via the webchat deployment or any system variable, streamlining the chatbot development process.

3. Updates in Bot Records

3.1 Improved bot record search functionality with Session ID search feature

Bot admins can benefit from an enhanced search function, enabling them to search by session ID in the Bot Records section. With this feature, bot admins can quickly and easily locate specific chat sessions using the unique session uuid. This update provides a more streamlined and efficient way to manage bot records, allowing admins to access the information they need with just a few clicks.

3.2 Thumbs feedback now visible in Bot Records

Administrators will be able to view the thumbs feedback of users when examining a session in Bot Records. With this feature, administrators can easily gauge the user's satisfaction level with the chatbot's responses and make necessary improvements to enhance the user experience.

3.3 Custom data display for chat-session metadata in new Contact Details panel

A new panel has been added in the conversation details in the Bot Records to display custom data of chat-session metadata (subscriber metadata) in the details panel. This feature will enable users to access and view subscriber metadata details in a more convenient and organized manner. With this feature, users can easily track and analyze subscriber metadata, providing valuable insights into their chat sessions.

4. Improved Analytics Tag node

This update allows up to 2 tags to be displayed in the Analytics Tag node, making it easier for users to quickly identify relevant data. If there are more than 2 tags, they will be shown with a tooltip for easy access.

5. Test AA improvements for enhanced content debugging

The Test Automated Answers feature now allows Bot admins to see the items that were examined during the Natural Language Processing (NLP) process. This will help in debugging your content by providing additional information on the Automated Answers and Articles that were examined by the NLP system. With this enhancement, you can improve the accuracy and relevance of your chatbot's responses more easily.

6. Expanded list of available language options through the console

With this release, we have expanded the language options available through the console.

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