Helvia.ai Release 5.42.0

25 October 2023

1. New 'Channel action' node to trigger JavaScript functions

A new node is now available in the flow editor, called 'Channel action', which allows you to add customized functions to webchat bots. Within the Channel action node there is the option to add function parameters, for easy customization. With this feature, you can pass variables into the parameters to make your bots more interactive and dynamic, providing a seamless user experience.

To add a Channel action node, go to the flow editor within your bot's Behavior page, and select the Channel action node to add it to your flow, where you would like it to get triggered.

Enter the name of the action node (e.g. open a new window), the parameter name and the parameter value and click 'Done'. Your action will then be activated.

Channel action nodes can be used to trigger any JavaScript functions, in webchat deployments.

2. Knowledge Base updates

2.1 KB sources tab moved to bot settings

The 'KB sources' tab has been renamed 'Knowledge Bases' and has been moved in the Bot Settings section. This change will streamline the process of managing your bot's knowledge sources and improve the overall UX.

2.2 Unique naming for an organization's Knowledge Bases

When you create a Knowledge Base for your organization, it's important to give it a unique name to avoid confusion. The helvia.ai console now has a feature that helps prevent duplicate names, so you can easily avoid creating multiple Knowledge Bases with the same name.

2.3 Knowledge Base UX improvements

We have made multiple updates in the KBs to enhance the user experience when adding and editing KB articles. These changes include making the KB title and article title more prominent, improving the article editing form, adjusting the layout of certain tabs and buttons, and making various other minor tweaks to improve usability. In addition, searching within the KBs has been improved, to search both within the article title and the article body.

3. Enhanced security measure for deleting organizations and bots

We have introduced an extra confirmation layer for bot/org admins when deleting a bot or an organization. Now, when attempting to delete a bot/org, admins will be required to type the keyword 'DELETE' in an input field. If the keyword is not correctly typed, the delete button will remain disabled.

4. Rich Text Editor for Broadcasts

Bot admins can now use a Rich Text Editor to create broadcasts with formatting options such as bold, italic, emoji, lists, and links. In addition, the horizontal alignment in text messages of Microsoft Teams broadcasts will be set to Left, instead of centered.

5. Improved UX when editing 'Article' Automated Answers

With the latest update, editing Automated Answers of type 'Article' has become more intuitive. The body of the article will now be displayed automatically without the need to click on the 'View' button. This feature ensures that bot admins can quickly and easily view the entire article while editing Automated Answers, streamlining the editing process and saving time.

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