Helvia.ai Release 5.52.0

03 April 2024

1. Improved Knowledge Base file upload process

1.1 Article tagging when uploading articles

Our latest release introduces an enhanced feature for article tagging when uploading articles in the Knowledge Base. Users can now supply a list of tags and set a maximum number of tags to assign to each article. The system utilizes GenAI to determine the most relevant tags for each article, resulting in more accurate and efficient tagging. This update will greatly benefit admins in organizing their articles and improving their searchability.

1.2 Addition of 'Cancel' option for file upload

A new option is available to organization admins to cancel an article upload job in progress. With this new option, you no longer have to wait for the process to complete before making changes. If you accidentally upload the wrong file or simply change your mind, you can easily cancel the job and start over.

1.3 File upload progress and status

A new feature in the Knowledge Base enables admins to track the progress of their file uploads. When uploading articles with a file, admins can now monitor the status of their upload job in real-time and see the percentage of the job processing. This includes updates on the progress of the job from 0% to 100%.

2. Increased character limit for Knowledge Base names

Knowledge Base names character limit has been increased to 300 characters. This means that admins can now give more descriptive and specific names to their KBs, making it easier to identify and locate the relevant KBs when needed.

3. Improved UX for deleting Knowledge Base groups with articles

We have improved the UX for the process of deleting a KB group with articles. Upon selecting to delete a group, the confirmation dialog now gives the option to delete all articles within the group or move them to the 'Ungrouped'. This update ensures that admins have complete control over the deletion process and can easily manage their groups and articles.

4. Enhanced Login with customization options

This release introduces a new 'Login Settings' tab in the organization settings, allowing the admin to customize the login page and experience for the organization's users. With options to include logos, custom images, and Single Sign-On options, admins can create a branded login page that meets their organization's needs. Additionally, the feature allows admins to use a custom Login URL and post-authentication URL, enabling them to map user roles and provide a seamless login experience. This update provides greater flexibility and control for organizations to personalize their login process.

5. Fixing search filter in 'Missed Questions' export feature

This release item addresses the issue of search filtering not working properly in the export feature. Previously, when an admin searched for a specific keyword in the Missed Questions and clicked on download, all records were downloaded regardless of the search filter. With this fix, only the filtered records with search will be downloaded as expected.

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