Helvia.ai Release 5.44.0

22 November 2023

1. Enhanced functionality for missed questions with system variables

Bot authors can now use the MissedQuestionsCount and ConsecutiveMissedQuestionsCount variables to change the flow path based on the number of times a question was missed by the bot. With this enhancement, bot authors can create more personalized and effective conversational experiences for users. For example, if a user asks the same question multiple times and the bot cannot respond, the flow can be redirected to an agent through live chat for further assistance.

In the example below we want the bot to ask the user to rephrase the question the first time it misses it. The next time the bot cannot find the response, we want to connect the user to live chat.

To achieve this, create a new decision tree and connect a Flow Control node to the start node. Add the condition to define what happens if the MissedQuestionsCount is greater than 1.

For this example, we need to connect the Flow Control node red end point (which is when the condition is not true) with a message node that asks the user to rephrase the question.

The green end point of the flow will be connected to a Redirect node that takes the user to LiveChat. So the flow will look like the below:

Once finished, we go to the Default Responses, and connect this new flow as a redirect to achieve the required behavior.

2. Introducing new integrations

Users can now connect their tools through the helvia.ai platform to streamline their workflows. Integrations are available at the organization and at the bot level.

To add a new integration for an organization, go to the organization's settings drop-down menu and select 'Integrations'

Within the organization integrations page, you will be able to configure a Dynamics 365 Knowledge Base or a Dynamics 365 CRM for different environments, e.g. for production and UAT.

To connect the available integrations with a bot, go to the bot's settings and navigate to the Bot Plugins tab and select 'Activate' on the required integration.

3. Image support in Knowledge Base (KB) articles

KB authors can now add images to articles using the rich text editor (RTE) choice. This feature has already been supported in Automated Answers and flow messages, and now it is available in KB articles as well.

4. Updated chat prompt: removed notification red icon

The chat prompt, which is available on webchat (bubble) deployments, has been updated. Users will no longer see the red notification icon, for improved UX.

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