Helvia.ai Release 5.57.0

13 June 2024

Our latest release, taking place on 13 June 2024, brings some exciting new features, read on to find out more!

1. LiveChat translation for multilingual support

Helvia.ai LiveChat now supports translations for multilingual communication between agents and end-users. With this feature enabled, incoming messages from end-users will be automatically translated to the agent's default language, and outgoing messages from the agent will be translated to the end-user's language.

To enable the LiveChat translation, go to the LiveChat Admin settings, turn on the 'Enable Translation' and select the language of your LiveChat agents from the drop down list.

When Translation is enabled, the LiveChat agent will be able to type in the main language they are using and will have the option to send either the original or the automatically translated message:

2. 'Disable Input' option added to File Upload node

We have added a new advanced setting to the File Upload node. Bot authors can now enable or disable the input when the bot requests a file upload from the end user. When this setting is enabled, end users will not be able to type anything in the sendbox, but they will still be able to click on the File Upload node to upload a file.

To enable/disable user input, click 'Edit' on a File Upload node, go to the Advanced Settings and select the Sendbox status from the drop-down menu.

3. Resizable Side Panel for Knowledge Base article listings

This new feature allows users to resize the side panel in KB article listings, making it easier to view long article titles without the need to open each article. With this expandable side panel, users can quickly scan through article titles and find the information they need more efficiently.

4. UI Fixes for Variables Picker

This feature release addresses UI issues in variables picker modal. The fixes include adjusting the layout and removing overlapping characters. Additionally, the title and tooltip text have been updated for better clarity and usability.

5. UI Enhancement for NLP Systems tab

The UI for editing NLP systems has been enhanced to display in a side-modal rather than a pop-up for improved usability.

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