Helvia.ai Release 5.48.0

14 February 2024

For our newest release we have focused on performance optimization and on adding some exciting new features. Read on to see what's new.

A new 'Carousel' node has been added to the list of available nodes, enabling bot authors to present information as a series of images or cards that the user can swipe through horizontally. Each card can contain information such as text, images, and buttons with links. Carousel nodes work on webchat, MS Teams, Messenger and Instagram bot deployments.

To add a carousel node to a flow, select it from the list of available nodes and then edit it to create the required experience.

2. Improved UX with input field focus in webchat

The release item is about improving the user experience in webchat by implementing a feature that automatically focuses the cursor on input fields when they appear. This means that in cases, such as when a user needs to enter their name or a message, the cursor will automatically appear in the input field, and the user will be able to start typing without needing to click or tap on the input field first. This will save users time and effort by eliminating the need to manually click or tap on the input field before typing.

3. Analytics default date picker range change

The default date picker range in Analytics has changed from the last 30 days to the current day. This change will allow users to quickly access the most recent analytics and bot records without having to manually adjust the date range.

4. Increased Knowledge Base group name character limit to 300

The character limit for KB group names has been updated to 300, providing more flexibility for users.

5. Customizable 'Channel Action' node message

Bot authors can now customize the message that is generated by the bot when an action has been triggered. This message is only shown in the bot's records, and its default is "action_execution". To change this message in the 'Channel Action' node, edit the 'Alternative text' field.

6. Improved tag management for chat sessions

We have recently implemented an upgrade to our system to ensure that the tags list in chat sessions contains distinct values. With this upgrade, we ensure that our tag management system is more efficient and effective, giving our users a better experience.

7. Option to enable/disable auto-train for NLP pipelines

This new feature allows admins to define whether they want the NLP pipelines in their bots to get trained automatically or manually. To do so, there is a new setting on the bot AI settings. This new feature gives admins greater control over the training of their bots.

8. Improved Audit Log retrieval time

We have optimized the audit log retrieval process, resulting in significantly faster retrieval times. Admins can now quickly access and analyze system activity without experiencing delays.

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