Helvia.ai Release 5.45.0

06 December 2023

1. Setting variables in Automated Answers

A new functionality has been added that allows admins to set variables when creating or editing automated answers. This is useful for setting rules depending on the context of the conversation, route conversations to specific live chat departments, trigger specific actions, and more.

To set a variable for an automated answer, go to the automated answer and at the chatbot response select 'Variable'. Similarly to the variables within the activities, you need to define a variable key, by selecting it from the drop down list or typing a new one, and the variable value. You also need to select if the variable is related to the session or to the contact. Once finished, save the automated answer.

2. Improved variable search functionality

We have enhanced the the variable search functionality, allowing admins to search for variables not only by name, but also by description when configuring a flow control node or assigning variable values. This improvement will make it easier for users to locate the specific variable they need, especially when dealing with complex workflows and a large number of variables.

3. Option to enable/disable Thumb Rating in 'Message' nodes of the flow editor

A new feature is available that allows admins to enable/disable thumbs feedback in "Message" nodes of the flow editor. This option is similar to the one already available in Automated Answers and gives admins greater control over the feedback they want to collect. With this new feature, editors can choose to turn on/off thumbs feedback selectively, customizing the overall experience.

To enable or disable the Thumb Rating in a 'Message' node, click on the advanced settings and choose the preferred option. Leaving the Thumb Rating to 'Default' will follow the setting you have for the bot centrally.

The custom 'Carousel' cards feature an enhanced layout, resulting in an improved and more user-friendly design. The new layout includes enhancements such as increased visibility of the card titles and descriptions, more prominent navigation arrows, and a cleaner overall look. These changes have been made with the goal of enhancing the user experience and making it easier for users to navigate through the carousel cards. Users will now be able to quickly and efficiently find the information they need, making the overall experience smoother and more enjoyable.

5. New webchat setting to limit consecutive messages before the bot responds

A new webchat setting has become available for disabling the input text after sending a message, preventing users from sending consecutive messages before the chatbot has responded. This feature can be enabled and configured to disable the input field for a set number of milliseconds, providing a smoother user experience.

To add this to a deployment, enable the deployment's custom settings and add the below to the custom settings box:


"disableSendBoxAfterMessageDuration": x


Where x= the amount of time in milliseconds

Once completed, click 'Save Changes'

6. Warning message for NLP pipeline changes

A warning message has been added for changes made to the NLP pipeline through the console. Before saving any modifications, a warning message will appear to prevent accidental changes or mistakes from being saved, ensuring changes will be intentional and deliberate.

7. Enhanced organization deletion process

We have made a change to our organization deletion process. From now on, users will be required to enter the organization name when deleting an organization. This will help prevent accidental deletions and ensure that the correct organization is being deleted.

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