Helvia.ai Release 5.40.0

28 September 2023

1. Creating Knowledge Base articles from PDF

A new exciting feature enables the creation of Knowledge Base (KB) articles within the helvia.ai console with a simple PDF upload! You can use this feature within your Knowledge Bases in the helvia.ai console.

To create KB articles from a PDF, go to an existing KB or create a new one. Within the KB, click the 'Upload PDF' button.

Follow the instructions within the pop up window to upload your PDF. Within a few minutes, depending on the PDF's size, the file will be converted to KB articles.

2. Knowledge Base Updates

2.1 Rich text editor for internal KB articles

A rich text editor has been added to the KB articles to support multi-level headings, ordered & unordered lists, italics, bold, and links.

2.2 Multilingual support for internal KB articles

The internal Knowledge Bases now allow users to add articles in more than one language. In addition, users have the option to view the translations side by side for more efficient editing.

To enable additional language support, go to the KB Settings and add more languages by selecting them from the drop-down menu. Once finished, click 'Save changes'.

In the article view, you will see the additional languages that are available and the translation items that are missing.

To more easily manage the translation, you can click the 'Compare Translations' button to view the selected languages side by side. From the language drop-down menu, you can select which translation you would like to compare the article to.

2.3 Showing the external ID of synced articles

External IDs associated with synced articles that belong to an integrated KB, will be shown in the article details within the console.

3. Warning message when deleting activities with dependencies

When trying to delete an activity that other activities/automated answers are redirecting to, or is the starting point of a deployment, a warning message will be displayed before proceeding to deletion.

4. Clickable chat-prompt in webchat deployments

The chat-prompt in webchat deployments will become clickable. So the end-user will be able to click anywhere on the prompt to start the chat.

5. Data retention up to 24 months

Admins will be able to set the organization and the bot data retention up to 24 months, through the relevant settings.

6. Importing Automated Answers in secondary languages

The Automated Answers import function has been enhanced to allow the uploading of content in additional languages supported by the bot. This means that the content editor will be able to upload all translations with a single CSV.

You can find the instructions by clicking the 'Import/Export' button in the Automated Answers.

7. Console UI Improvements

The below improvements have been made to the UI of the console for improved user experience:

  • Organization switch buttons, bot switch buttons and bot page side menu buttons work as links to allow easy navigation in a new tab.

  • Pressing the browser back button when editing an Automated Answer will take the user back to the Automated Answers list.

  • Clicking on any tab in the bot's behavior now takes the user to the corresponding list, enhancing navigation and accessibility.

8. Typing indicator during NLP processing

To enhance the user experience, when the end-user sends a message that is processed through NLP detection, a typing indicator will become visible.

9. Thumbs feedback enhancement

The thumbs feedback setting is enhanced, allowing the bot editor to be able to disable it from specific responses when it is enabled across the bot.

10. Replacing a bot's content with that of another bot

A new functionality is available, allowing replacing a bot's content with that of another bot. To use this feature, go to the 'View all bots list' and click the 'Replace Bot Content' button of the bot you want to have its content replaced.

In the pop up window, select the bot you would like to get content from and click the 'Replace Bot Content' button.

This action will replace all existing bot's content, including Activities, Automated Answers, Default Responses and LiveChat System Messages.

Replacing a bot's content will overwrite the target’s bot content.

11. Change of helvia.ai support email

The helvia.ai support email address will be changed from support@helvia.io to support@helvia.ai. This is the sender email address of all system emails.

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