Helvia.ai Release 5.50.0

07 March 2024

1. Flow Editor updates

1.1 Improved expression visibility for Flow Control nodes

This update allows bot authors to see the full expression configured for a Flow Control node by simply hovering over it, instead of having to click edit. This improves user experience and makes it easier to quickly review and understand the expressions used in Flow Control nodes.

1.2. New 'Start new Session' node in the flow editor

We are introducing a 'Start new Session' node in the flow editor, which allows users to reset the session while running their bot. This node can be added at the end of a flow as a leaf node and it resets the session when called, changing it on runtime.

1.3 Enhanced 'Analytics tags' node for better tag management

The 'Analytics tags' node in the flow has been enhanced to allow bot authors to remove a tag from the chat-session, enabling more powerful analytics tracking using tags.

2. Custom webchat setting to disable input field

We have introduced a new custom webchat setting that allows users to disable the input field upon webchat initialization. When true, the input field will be disabled when loading the webchat:

disableSendBoxOnStart: true

3. Display extracted metadata in Test Automated Answers widget

This feature allows console admins to view the metadata extracted during the natural language processing (NLP) in the test automated answers widget. This will provide valuable insights into the NLP engine's performance and help to identify any issues with the system.

4. Fix for Broken Images in Webchat Settings

This release fixes an issue where the default settings for webchat deployments were showing broken images. The placeholders for "Bot Avatar Image" and "User Avatar Image" have been removed, and when the image URL is empty, the default images will be displayed. This ensures that the webchat settings display correctly and provide a better user experience.

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