Helvia.ai Release 5.49.0

28 February 2024

1. Enhanced Missed Questions management with date filters and CSV export

Bot admins will be able to easily search for Missed Questions within a specific date range using the new datetime picker, and export all the relevant data with a single click of the 'Download' button. This new feature makes it easier than ever to analyze and manage Missed Questions data within the bot records tab.

2. New AI configuration for NLP pipeline and Dynamic NLPs

Our latest release offers three new tabs with enhanced configuration options for NLP pipelines. Additionally, we're excited to introduce dynamic NLPs which can be updated based on metadata and variables. With this new feature, bot editors can alter NLP behavior and prompts based on specific data points, making the AI more personalized and responsive to user needs.

3. Enabling language detection setting for bot deployments on any platform

Bot admins can now enable the language detection setting when creating or editing a bot deployment for any platform. This will help ensure that your bot can accurately detect the language used by users, regardless of the platform they are interacting with. For example, if you create or edit a deployment on FB Messenger, you will now have the option to enable this setting.

4. Enhancement to display total entries count in tables

This enhancement allows console users to see the total count of all entries available in all pages of tables, such as Bot Records. This improvement will enhance the user experience and make data analysis more efficient.

5. Additional file types supported for uploading articles to the Knowledge Base

This release adds support for additional file types when uploading articles to the Knowledge Base. Org admins can now upload docx, md, and plain text (txt) files in addition to the existing pdf support.

6. Language change feature in webchat header buttons

Our latest update now allows webchat deployments to include language change feature in the header buttons. This feature provides end-users with an option to change the channel language easily. Previously, this feature was available in special menu buttons but our update now makes it more prominent and accessible in the header buttons. This update is available as a custom setting and it will improve user experience and give more flexibility to our webchat users.

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