Helvia.ai Release 5.56.0

30 May 2024

Our latest release, taking place on 30 May 2024, focuses mainly on console optimization, along with UX improvements. Read on to learn more about each update.

1. Improved UX with sticky buttons on the console

We have enhanced the user experience of the console by making the Add/Save buttons sticky. This means that the buttons will always be visible when scrolling through forms, tables, and other elements. With this improvement, console editors can easily access make edits without having to scroll back up the page.

2. Streamlined bot set up process

We have removed the LiveChat powerup from the console to streamline the bot setup process. This eliminates an extra step and simplifies the setup process, improving the efficiency of bot creation. LiveChat settings have already been moved to the bot plugin settings, further improving the user experience.

3. Organizing imported KB articles into named groups

When importing articles to a knowledge base, ChatBricks now automatically groups them under a new group related to the imported file. This feature allows you to easily distinguish which articles came from which file, making it easier to manage and organize your knowledge base.

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