Helvia.ai Release 5.54.0

1 May 2024

1. Showing the name of the triggered Automated Answers in Bot Records

Bot admins can now view the Automated Answer that was triggered by a user's message in a chat session within the Bot Records Chat Sessions tab. This update enables the display of the matched Automated Answer name with a link when hovering over specific types of user messages in the chat session.

2. Bot Records Chat Sessions tab UI updates

The Bot Records Chat Sessions tab has received a user interface rework to provide bot administrators with a more seamless experience. The table is now scrollable, enabling users to navigate through the data without navigating through pages. Additionally, there is a new "View Conversation" link in LiveChat details, for the sessions which include LiveChat, that points directly to the LiveChat conversation for easy access. Finally, when changing the table pages, there is no preselected chat session, providing a cleaner and more efficient experience for users.

3. Clickable phone numbers in bot responses

Bot authors can now make phone numbers included in bot responses clickable. When a phone number is added in a bot response using markdown format [label](tel:+306999999999) , it will be displayed as a clickable link to the end-users. This means that users can now simply click on the phone number and make a call directly from the bot response. This new feature enhances the user experience by making it easier for users to contact businesses or service providers directly from the chatbot.

4. LiveChat Organization Settings moved to LiveChat web app

The LiveChat organization settings have been moved from the settings dropdown to the LiveChat tab. This change makes it easier for LiveChat admins to access the settings they need without navigating through multiple menus. Additionally, the settings have been split into tabs for better organization and easier navigation.

5. Improved UX with sticky dropdown header and enhanced button functionality

This update aims to enhance the user experience of console users by making the dropdown header sticky, ensuring that the Add/Save buttons are always visible when scrolling. Additionally, the functionality of the buttons has been improved, with the dropdown closing upon clicking "Add". These changes have been implemented across various forms, tables, and pages.

6. Train & Test bot UI/UX redesign

Our Train & Test Bot functionalities have undergone a UI/UX redesign to provide you with an improved experience. We have revamped the interface to ensure that it is more user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient.

7. Emoji editor fix: resolved issue with small text input visibility

Our latest release addresses an issue where the emoji editor was not visible when input text was too small. We've fixed this problem so that the editor will now appear regardless of the size of the text input.

8. Enhanced Audit Logs with bot addition/deletion now included

This update now includes the addition and deletion of bots in the organization's audit logs, providing better visibility and easier tracking and monitoring of organizational changes.

9. Removal of LiveChat v1

LiveChat v1 has been removed as an option in the platform. This move aims to streamline the system and focus on the only supported version, which is LiveChat v2.

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