Helvia.ai Release 5.41.0

11 October 2023

1. Automated NLP pipeline training for updated bot content

This feature is designed to enhance the UX of the bot editor in the helvia.ai console by automating the NLP pipeline training process. Previously, whenever changes were made to the bot's content, the bot editor had to manually initiate the training process by clicking the 'Train bot' button. With this new feature, this training process is automated and runs in the background whenever changes are made to the bot's content. This ensures that the bot's NLP pipelines remain up-to-date and accurate without any manual intervention from the bot editor.

2. Helvia NLP Specification pipeline admin settings through the console

Bot admins will be able to view and edit the extra settings of Helvia NLP specification pipelines directly within the console. With this update, admins can easily modify the settings of the pipeline, including prompt, translation, semantic search, and more. This feature not only streamlines the process of adjusting pipeline settings, but also gives admins more control over how the AI assistant functions.

3. Enhanced dropdown selector for chatbots and organizations

With the enhanced dropdown selector for chatbots and organizations, console users can easily navigate through the list of options by clicking on the arrow buttons to move up and down. Once they find the desired chatbot or organization, they can simply press 'Enter' to select it and be redirected to it. This feature streamlines the process of selecting a chatbot or an organization, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

4. Organization deletion option

Admins will be able to remove organizations that are no longer needed. This option is available through the Organization Settings, in the Danger Zone.

Note that this action is irreversible.

5. Flexible answering options for chatbots connected to Knowledge Bases

When connecting a chatbot with a KB, Bot authors can choose whether it will use AI generated text or the article body for responding.

6. Bug fix: Search in broadcast audience

The search in broadcast audience selection is now working properly.

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