Helvia.ai Release 5.53.0

17 April 2024

1. Testing Automated Answers enhancements

1.1 Previewing full generated answers in the Test Automated Answer space in the console

This new feature allows users to preview the full generated answer by the bot when testing it within the console. When testing automated answers and the generated answer is lengthy, users can now hover over or expand to view the entire answer. This saves time and improves the testing process by providing users with a complete understanding of the generated answer.

1.2 Showing examined articles in case the bot cannot find an answer during testing

When testing a bot in the test panel, it is important to see the Automated Answers that were examined when the bot does not find an article. This will help to identify any issues or gaps in the bot's responses. This update will improve the testing experience and provide valuable insights for bot editors.

2. Customizable inactivity message trigger for webchat deployments

Bot admins can now configure a custom setting in webchat deployments to trigger a message when the end-user is inactive for a configurable amount of time. This feature allows for increased engagement and improved user experience by prompting the end-user to continue the conversation. The message and time frames can be easily configured by the bot admin.

As an example, the below custom setting sets the bot to send a message - in this case the flow "idle-node" after 50 sec of inactivity.

"idleReminderMessages": [
			"conversationNodeId": "idle-node",
			"triggerWhenInactiveFor": 50

3. Configurable disable sendbox setting for Question Nodes in webchat

This update allows bot authors to configure question nodes for webchat deployments that can enable or disable the sendbox. This new setting is available in the Advanced Settings of Question Nodes.

When the sendbox is disabled, the user will not have the option to type when presented with this question, and would need to choose from the available options.

4. CX LiveChat Agent Assistant for improved Customer Support

The LiveChat Agent Assistant is a new feature that allows admins to configure the LiveChat app to have an assistant for their LiveChat agents. This assistant can be used by agents to ask questions to a bot connected to a knowledge base, in order to better assist end-users. The feature is customizable and can be enabled or disabled in the app's settings.

Once enabled, LiveChat agents can select to chat with the Assistant from the right-hand panel within the LiveChat app.

With the CX LiveChat Agent Assistant, customer support can be improved and agents can provide faster, more accurate assistance to customers.

5. Zendesk ticketing integration configuration through the console

This new feature enables organization admins to configure a new Zendesk Ticketing integration for their organization. This integration can be linked with a bot as a bot plugin, providing users with the ability to fetch a ticket from Zendesk by external ID and display ticket details in the chat-session panel.

To configure a Zendesk integration through the console, click the gear button on the top right and select 'Integrations' from the drop-down list.

In the pop up screen select 'Zendesk' from the available integrations and fill out the necessary information. Once finished, click the 'Create Integration' button.

Once the configuration has been completed, the console users will be able to view the Zendesk tickets with clickable ticket titles in the 'Tickets' tab of the sessions. This way users will be able to quickly access and view more information about the ticket without having to manually search for it, saving time and increasing productivity.

6. Knowledge Base UX improvements

6.1 Improved display of long titles in Knowledge Bases

With this update, the way large KB article and group titles are rendered will be modified to make them more readable and user-friendly. Specifically, long titles will be displayed on hover with a tooltip, which will allow users to view the entire title without having to click on the article itself. This update will help users quickly and easily find the information they need in KBs and KB articles, even if the titles are lengthy.

6.2 Improved organization for Knowledge Base articles with drag and drop

Our latest update now allows Knowledge Base authors to easily re-order articles in their KB by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired position. This feature enables authors to better organize their content and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Articles can be moved within a group or from one group to another, and even from the "ungrouped" section. With this new feature, creating an effective and user-friendly knowledge base has never been easier.

6.3 New 'Updated at' column added to Knowledge Base view

A new column has been added to the Knowledge Base view, which displays the date of the most recent update to each KB. This will make it easier for users to quickly identify which KBs have been recently updated.

7. Option to upload PowerPoint files in the Knowledge Base

This new feature allows bot authors to upload PowerPoint files directly into the Knowledge Base. By doing so, KB authors can extract articles from these files and incorporate them into their knowledge bases easily, streamlining the content creation process.

8. Console UX Updates

8.1 Renaming "Activities" to "Flows" in the Bot Content Editor

The bot content editor will now display "Flows" instead of "Activities" for easier navigation and understanding. All instances of "Activities" will be renamed to "Flows," including "Activity Name" becoming "Flow Name". This change will streamline the content editor and provide a more intuitive user experience.

8.2 Improved UX with side modals

This release introduces an enhanced UX for console users by implementing side modals that open on the right side of the screen. This feature is available in various screens such as organization pages (e.g., My profile, Create/Edit reports, Create/Edit Canned Responses, etc.) and bot pages (e.g., Create/Edit default responses, LC system messages, etc.). With this update, users can easily access and edit information without being redirected to a different page, improving productivity and efficiency.

8.3 Sorting Flows and Bots in Analytics

Console admins will be able to sort the Flows and Bots tables in Analytics alphabetically. This will help them quickly find the information they need without having to search through a long list of items.

9. Availability of new variables

Bot authors now have access to two new variables in the flow editor. The Deployment ID variable and the User Message variable can be used in Message or Flow Control nodes to create more customized and dynamic chatbot flows. The variables can be added to your flow as follows:

  • Use {{userTextMessage}} to store the user's message in case of a text message.

  • Use {{deploymentId}} to store the deployment identifier.

These new variables offer greater flexibility in creating chatbot flows and can help enhance the user's experience with your chatbot.

10. Expanded Analytics support for improved data insights

Our latest update now allows for multiple custom analytics tabs to be supported within the console, offering greater flexibility in accessing and analyzing data from a variety of sources.

11. Webchat Finnish language support enhancement

This release item enhances the Finnish language support by including webchat messages in Finnish language. This new feature will improve the UX for Finnish-speaking end-users of Finnish webchat deployments.

12. Option to disable welcome emails for new users joining an organization through SSO with OpenID

This release item adds a new checkbox to the Login org settings in the Console, giving admins the ability to disable welcome emails sent to new users added to the organization through openID SSO.

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