Helvia.ai Release 5.43.0

08 November 2023

Introducing our latest release! We've focused on optimizing performance and making our coding even more optimal. Read on to discover all the exciting improvements and enhancements we've made.

1. Additional control with Variable and Control Flow enhancements

1.1 Empowered Flow Control node

With this update, a new more powerful Flow Control node is now available, allowing bot editors to utilize control flows and define expressions, on top of the available variables. This new Flow Control node is enhanced to allow adding multiple controls or using expressions.

In the example below, the bot editor has added the conditions by selecting the available variables.

Alternatively, by selecting the option 'Use Custom Expression', the bot editor can define the expression directly within the Flow Control node.

To use the new Flow Control node, use the steps below.

Step 1: Select the Flow Control node from the list of nodes.

Step 2: Define the conditions, either by adding the conditions and variables (automated expression) or by using the custom expression and click 'Done'.

Step 3: Connect the Flow Control node to your flow. Once the Flow Control node is saved, you will see it will have two connection points, instead of one to connect the next node: a green one and a red one. You will need to connect the green one to the path for which the condition you set is 'true' and the red one to the path where the condition is 'false'. This ensures that the flow will follow the correct path based on the defined conditions.

Note: The previous Flow Control/Flow Option nodes will still be available and will be marked as 'Legacy'.

1.2 Search option added to variable selection

With this implementation, users can now search for variables when selecting them within the nodes they are available at. A search bar has been added at the top of the variables list, allowing for faster and more efficient selection of the desired variable.

1.3 Improved variable functionality in WebChat and flow editor

With this update, variables set in WebChat, such as customData.authenticated, are now accessible in the flow editor. This allows for easier integration between the two environments and more streamlined workflows. Users can now seamlessly access and use variables set in WebChat within the flow editor.

Additionally, bot editors can now set a variable with a value from another variable, using the syntax as in the example below: {{authenticated}} = {{UserInfo.customData.authenticated}}.

2. Streamlined KB article management with new menu options

A new 3 dots drop down menu has been added on hover for the articles list in the left sidebar, using the same UX pattern as the Group's menu. This menu includes options to rename an article and delete an article, making it easier to manage and organize the KB content. Selecting "Rename Article" marks the item as editable within the list, streamlining the editing process.

3. Training action count for NLP pipelines

Bot admins can now easily track how many times each NLP pipeline has been trained. A new field called 'Retrain Count' is now displayed in a new column in the list of NLP pipelines for the chatbot. This feature provides valuable insight into the training history of each pipeline, allowing for more efficient management and optimization of chatbot performance.

4. Updated UI for the chat prompt

The chat prompt, which is available on webchat deployments, now features an updated UI, where the avatar of the bot is now on the top of the prompt bubble.

5. Improved analytics display with cropped decimals

This update improves the display of analytics percentages by cropping extra decimals and displaying a maximum of two decimal places, allowing for more accurate and visually appealing representation of important metrics.

6. Prevent deletion of KB articles in automated answers

To prevent confusion and streamline the management of KB articles in automated answers, deleting KB articles from the automated answers section is no longer possible. Instead, the delete buttons in both list and detail views are now disabled with a tooltip suggesting that the article should be deleted in the KB. This update provides a more intuitive and efficient workflow for managing KB articles within the automated answers section.

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