Helvia.ai Release 5.51.0

20 March 2024

1. Unpublishing specific Knowledge Base articles

Bot authors can now unpublish articles within a Knowledge Base, without having to delete them. This means that authors can easily deactivate and reactivate certain articles as needed, allowing for greater flexibility and control over the bot's content.

To publish/unpublish an article from the KB, go to the article view and enable/disable the new 'Publish' setting accordingly.

2. Displaying deployment language in the deployments table

The deployment language is now displayed in the table of deployments, making it easier and more convenient to manage and test deployments. This feature is especially useful for testing purposes, as authors can now easily find the deployment they are interested in without having to open each one individually.

Previously, images with spaces in their file names were causing broken links when uploaded. This issue has been resolved, and images with spaces in their file names can now be uploaded and accessed without any problems.

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