Helvia.ai Release 5.58.0

27 June 2024

Our next release will take place on 27 June 2024, check out what's new!

1. Enable ‘File Upload’ icon only on ‘File Upload’ nodes

With this update, bot admins can now disable the file upload button through a new custom setting. The file upload button on webchat will always be visible and disabled, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, it will be enabled whenever there is a file upload question, making it easier for users to share files with the bot.

The custom setting for this feature is available below:

2. Add Variables in 'Analytics tags' nodes

With this new feature, bot admins can now set a tag using a variable name. This provides more flexibility and allows for dynamic tag creation based on user input or other variables.

In the below example, the name of one or more variables can be entered as a Tag name, in addition to fixed value tags.

3. Improved image upload UX in Automated Answers, Knowledge Bases & Nodes

Bot admins can now enjoy a seamless experience when adding images to Automated Answers, Knowledge Bases, or Nodes. With the new update, the upload image UX has been improved to match that of uploading a bot avatar. Upon clicking the image icon, admins can now choose to upload an image to the Media Manager or select one from there, making it easier and faster to add images to their content. Alternatively, admins can select to link to the image file URL.

4. Preview Messenger bot deployments easily

Bot admins can now view a preview of Messenger bot deployments with just one click. A new view action has been added to the last column of the bot deployment list, making it easy for you to quickly access and test your bot on Messenger.

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