Organization LiveChat settings page (admins only)

Accessing the LiveChat Settings page

The LiveChat settings page is accessible by the admin and includes the General Settings, the Canned Responses, Automations and the Bot Settings.

To access the LiveChat Settings page, click the LiveChat button on the top, and it will provided to you, integrated the LiveChat settings menu.

You will then see the LiveChat Settings page.

General Settings

Private/Public mode

In the General Settings, you can select the LiveChat mode, which can be private or public. The private mode restricts agents to view only conversations they have participated in. In the public mode all agents can view all conversations.

Notification for inactivity in conversation

You can configure to send a notification to the agent when a conversation has had no activity for a certain amount of time (in minutes).

AI Agents Assistant

Enable AI capabilities to improve live chat features. Also you can press the following buttons for further options:

  • Enable Agent Bot Assistant: enable the use of a bot to assist you during live chat sessions.

  • Select Chatbot: select specific bot from the available options to deploy in your live chat system.

  • Select Web Chat Deployment: specify the deployment configuration for web chat interactions.

User Group LiveChat Settings

Select User Group

Select a specific user group that you want to customize or configure. From the Settings for this user group drop down, select the user group you want to configure.

Business Hours

You can set the specific times at which LiveChat will be available for each group of users.

Please note that the Helvia team will need to be consulted for any required integrations for the custom fields.

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