Bot-specific LiveChat settings (admins only)

Accessing the bot-specific LiveChat Settings

The admin can configure the bot-specific LiveChat settings by selecting the chatbot's 'Settings' from the left hand-side menu and then the 'Bot Plugins' tab.

In this page the admin can configure the below:

  • LiveChat availability: toggle to swithch live-chat availability.

  • Live-chat request timeout: set pending expiration time (seconds).

  • Business hours: configure the live-chat operating days and hours. The bot will forward live-chat requests only during the specified time slots (the timezone is your organization's selected timezone in the Organization settings).

  • Live-chat queue configuration: Set the Average Agent Response Time and the Average End-User Waiting Time to provide waiting time information to the End-User, depending on the number of users waiting in queue.

  • LiveChat system messages: The admin can configure the bot-specific LiveChat system messages.

Below you can see the messages to be sent on specific events:

  • Conversation in progress: when a conversation is already in progress.

  • Conversation terminated: when a conversation is terminated.

  • Conversation transferred: when a conversation is transferred to another agent.

  • Generic error: when an error occurs.

  • Live-chat disabled: when live-chat is disabled.

  • Out of business hours: when a request is made out of business hours.

  • Request accepted: when an agent accepts the request.

  • Request already exists: when a request is already pending.

  • Request missed: when the user's request expires.

Once you have completed all the settings and entered the required information, save your work by clicking the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom right of the page.

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