Bot Settings (admins only)

Bot Settings allows admins to configure various aspects of chatbot functionality to ensure efficient and effective customer service. Below are detailed explanations of each of the settings available in this section.

Select Chatbot

Select a specific chatbot to configure. This setting allows admins to choose which chatbot they want to manage and make adjustments to its functionalities and behavior. Press the drop down 'Settings for this Chatbot' and select the bot you wish to set-up.

LiveChat availability

Enable or disable LiveChat availability. This setting allows admins to manage when LiveChat is active, ensuring it aligns with business hours and the availability of support staff.

LiveChat request timeout

Set the pending expiration time in seconds. This defines how long a LiveChat request can remain pending before it is considered expired, helping to manage user expectations and workflow efficiency.

Business hours

Configure the LiveChat operating hours. The bot will only forward live-chat request during the specified time slots. This ensures that the support in only offered when the personnel is available to respond.

LiveChat queue configuration

Set the Average Agent Response Time and the Average End-User Waiting Time.These settings provide users with realistic expectations of wait times based on the current status of the queue, improving the overall user experience:

  • Average Agent Response Time (seconds): define the typical time it takes for an agent to respond to a user query.

  • Average End-User Waiting Time (seconds): specify the average waiting time the user-end will expect based on the current number of users in the queue.

LiveChat system messages

Customize the system messages sent to end-users during the LiveChat conversation.This enables personalisation and ensures that users receive consistent and informative messages throughout their interaction with the support team.

After finishing all the settings and filling in the required details, save your work by pressing the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom right of the page.

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