Automations (admins only)

Automations Introduction

In the LiveChat settings, the "Create New Automations" section allows administrators to design custom buttons that integrate LiveChat with other services, such as creating tickets in a CRM. These automations enhance the functionality and efficiency of LiveChat by automating predefined actions. Below are the detailed explanations of each setting within this section.


Add a category or a list of categories. This setting allows you to organize your automations into specific groups, making it easier to manage and locate them when needed.

Agent Input

Add inputs here. This section is for defining the information or parameters that agents need to provide when using the automation. It ensures that all necessary data is collected for the automation to function correctly.


Who can view & use this automation

Specify who has access to this automation. You can restrict access to the owner only or make it available to all organization users, depending on the level of confidentiality and usage requirements.

  • Only owner: Only the creator of the automation can view and use it.

  • All organization users: All users within the organization can access and use the automation.

This automation will be available for

Define the scenarios under which this automation can be triggered. This ensures that the automation is only used in appropriate contexts.

This automation will run automatically

Specify the conditions under which the automation will run without manual intervention. This can help streamline processes and reduce the need for constant monitoring.

  • On missed chat: The automation will run automatically if a chat is missed.

  • On terminated chat: The automation will run automatically when a chat is terminated.

Add Custom Headers

Add custom headers here. This setting allows you to include specific headers in your automations, which can be useful for passing additional information to integrated services or for specific formatting requirements.

Automations are configured by the admin in collaboration with the Helvia team.

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