Conversation details pane

Within a conversation, in the right-hand panel you can see the conversation details, and you can access the the different functions available to assist you with managing the conversation.

Conversation details

This is the central view, where you can see the conversation details, and more re specifically:

  • Conversation status: if it is active or finished

  • Conversation ID: an internal ID for the LiveChat app to identify the specific conversation

  • Assigned to: indicates the name of the agent, to whom the conversation was assigned

  • Platform origin: the URL where the end-user accesses the chat from (e.g. an application, or a specific website)

  • Live agent: the name of the agent who is managing the conversation

  • Flags:

  • Tags: option that helps the agent catogorize and organize conversation by assigning specific tags or 'labels' to them

User Details

Provides key information about the user that was engaging in each specific conversation. The user details section indicates the name, email, phone and adress of each agent. If the user has submitted this info to the chatbot.

Contact Info

The Contact Info section is designed to improve the support experience by giving agents quick access to relevant details. However, there may be instances where the system reports 'CRM data not found', meaning that the user's contact details and CRM data are not available.

*CRM data: information extracted from the customer relationship management (CRM) system, such as previous interactions, purchase history and account status.

Pre-chat Survey

In this section you can view the details of the survey the end-user had after requesting the live-just and before the agent accepts it. The steps of this survey are configurable by the bot administrator and it is not necessary to have a pre-chat survey.

Conversation notes

In the conversation notes section the agent can keep notes that are visible to the agents only and can also be used for internal communication between the agents for the particular conversation. You can also edit or even delete the notes that you have kept.

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